Finer wearing a hat all year round.  

The appearance is slightly indifferent, but the heart is full of enthusiasm and longing.  

Love art, and passionate about exploring beautiful things.




My daily 我的日常

I often daze on the skateboard, but I can be cool when I play skateboard. Take my favorite lollipop and make a 180-degree jump.


Hanging the bag on my head is my daily routine, because I am too lazy to take it. However, when I am almost late I will carry the bag and run. And of course that’s how I look when I get home from work..


I like music and I love to play the guitar by myself. In the free afternoon, enjoying the solitary time brought to me by music.


When I am tired from work, I will fall asleep on the table. And the puppy will accompany me. However, because of the epidemic, I can’t go out often. Therefore, I will lie on the sofa and watch movie.


On weekends, I will practice Tai Chi and Chinese Kung Fu to exercise my body. The action on the right is called viper. Do I look like that?