finerworld was founded at the end of 2018. Is an IP image brand based on black and white line style. The original intention was to create an interesting brand tone through the life illustration media. At present, finerworld has its own library of illustration works and peripheral products.  It has also carried out exhibition cooperation, cross-border design joint projects, etc. with cultural planning units on many occasions.

finerworld’s IP world is represented by the character of “finer”. To expand his emotional expression of living with “funny” and “ferry”. At the same time, the creation of characteristic content for their friends. It has derived a beautiful world that belongs to their attitudes of life and a longing world. Therefore, we call it “finerworld”.

finerworld cooperates on content, peripheral products, authorized joint names, etc. Meanwhile it produces unique works that are close to a better life. So as to become an interesting and diverse creative research unit.

finerworld 成立于2018年末,是一个以黑白线条风为基础的IP形象品牌,建立初衷是希望通过生活插画媒介来呈现有趣的品牌基调。目前,finerworld除了自有插画作品库和生活周边产品外,多次与文化策划单位进行展会合作以及跨界设计联名项目等。

finerworld 的IP世界中以“finer”为角色代表,展开 他与“funny” “ferry”一起生活的情感抒发,同时对他们的小伙伴们进行特色内容创作,衍生了属于他们对生活的态度与憧憬的美好世界。因此,我们称它为「finerworld」。

finerworld 通过对内容丶周边产品丶授权联名合作等,输出具有特色且贴近美好生活的作品,从而朝着成为一个有趣且多元的创意研究单位而努力。